Thursday, April 23, 2009

Test #142: Bacon and NEWMAN-O

The subject
We love you, Oreo, but do you give millions of dollars to underprivileged kids every year when people buy and eat you? No, the ducats we spend on you go into the already overstuffed pockets of RJR Nabisco. So, while you're tasty, you don't have a heart, like Newman's Own does--in the 27 years since its founding, the sale of Paul Newman's salad dressings, salsas, spaghetti sauces, and insanely delicious organic cookies have put $265 million into the coffers of thousands of charities nationwide. Plus the product labels are fun to read: "You might, m'lady, tweak my nose/You could, m'lord, step on my toes/But Heaven help those poor bozos/Who try to filch my Newman-O's.

In honor of the late, great Paul Newman and the good works done by his products, we wrapped one of his cookies in bacon.

The result
Yum yum yum yum yum. We struggled to come up with superlatives and other words that would adequately describe the deliciousness of this morsel. The best that we could come up with was that it tastes like a bacon-wrapped and -infused flourless chocolate cake, which is just about our favorite dessert. Rich, cocoa-y, and moist, the cookie turned doughlike. The bacon cooked up crisp and perfect. The combo of the tastes and textures was a symphony of awesome. You should go repeat this test in your own home. Right now. NOW! GO DO IT!

The conclusion: Bacon + Newman-O=OMG!!!1!

Friday: Bacon + beef ravioli
Saturday: Bacon + Hot Pocket


  1. Crap, all we have in the house are regular Oreos and a few 100-calorie packs of mini Oreos... damnit! I did make a triple chocolate cake today with bacon on top, so maybe that will be close enough.

  2. Wow, you're like a genius of bacon. Could you please e-mail me a slice of that cake?

  3. yeah I wish... it disappears faster than I can grab a camera!

    The fax machine wouldn't accept a piece either.. I'm not telling my wife how cake got in there.